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Family-Based Green Card Lawyer in Boston

Becoming a U.S. citizen has many benefits, which is why foreign immigrants aim to achieve this. One of these benefits is the chance to bring their family into the country through a family-based green card application.

But as you know, the immigration process in the country is complex. There are different requirements, processes, and designations to consider. Doing it on your own will take time.

Our family-based green card lawyers at the Nomos Law Group have the experience and knowledge to help you navigate through the process.

Who Can Apply for a Family-Based Green Card?

A United States citizen can petition for both an Immediate Relative and a Family-Preference visa. The two have different categories and requirements.

Those who have a green card cannot petition for a Family-Preference visa.
Different circumstances will have their own processing times. Depending on your relation to the person you are trying to bring into the country.

If you have questions or if anything is unclear to you on how to start the process, contact our Boston family-based green card lawyer today. We are more than happy to help assess your situation.

Immediate Relative Immigrant Green Card

As a U.S. citizen, you can petition on behalf of your immediate relatives to become lawful permanent residents, or green card holders. Your relatives who fall under this category are:

  • Your spouse
  • Your unmarried children under 21 years of age
  • Your parents, granted that you are over 21 years of age
  • Orphans adopted abroad

The first step in starting the process is for the petitioning relative to file the proper form with the USCIS. If you need an adjustment of status, that requires the form I-485. Consular processing requires the DS-260 form.

In both cases, you will need to establish your relationship to the person petitioned for. Another important requirement is to prove your ability to financially support the family member upon their arrival in the country.

Family Preference Green Card

The family preference green card is for your relatives who do not fall under the previous category.

Eligibility for family preference green cards include:

  • The unmarried children of a U.S. citizen, including the former’s minor children.
  • If you are a lawful permanent resident, you can apply for your spouse, minor children, and unmarried adult sons and daughters under this category.
  • The married sons and daughters of a U.S. citizen, along with their spouses and minor children, fall under this category.
  • The brothers and sisters of a U.S. citizen, along with their spouses and minor children, are part of this category.

In applying for a family-based green card, the first step to take is identifying which category your application falls under. If you are unsure, you can contact our Boston family-based green card lawyer for a consultation.

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Annual Visa Cap

The United States government has placed a cap on most types of visas to control the number of people coming to the country. While the Immediate Relative category is not subject to a cap, the Family Preference category is.

Each sub-category of the family preference green card has its own annual cap. You can expect longer wait times for these applications.

Processing Time Of Green Card

The annual cap on green cards can directly affect the processing time of family preference immigration. Most of the time, the number of applicants outnumbers the available visas in each category.

The National Visa Center considers different factors when adjudicating green cards. That includes your priority date, which is the day your I-130 petition is filed.

That is another factor to consider in applying for a family-based green card. If you need help, contact our Boston family-based green card lawyer today. We will consult with you about your requirements and the timing of your application.

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