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Nomos Law Group is there every step of the way to help performers and athletes secure P visas.

P Visa Lawyer in Boston

Entertainers and athletes need to travel to perform and compete. They visit different countries to showcase their talents through unique performances or competitions. The United States is among the premier destinations for both athletes and performers.

There is a specific way for those in these professions to get into the country for a performance or competition. Our P visa lawyers at Nomos Law Group can guide you through this process to make it easier for you.

What Is a P Visa?

The U.S. government grants a short-term work visa, or P visa, specifically for athletes, sports teams, and entertainment companies, including circuses. They need to have a job offer from an American company.

The essential support personnel can also be granted the same visa. And there is no annual limit to the number of P visas the government releases.

If you have questions on how to apply, contact our Boston P visa lawyer today.

Features Of A P Visa

The P visa is specifically for entertainers, athletes, and teams. Some of its key features include:

  • The holder of a P visa can work legally in the country for their sponsor. They will need to apply for a new visa if they are changing employers.
  • The timeframe for granting a P visa can be faster than other types of visas.
  • The P visa can be granted for up to a year. Athletes qualify for five-year visas with the option to extend for another five years.
  • The holder of a P visa can travel in and out of the country freely as long as the stamp is valid.
  • The holder is provided time for vacation and promotional appearances related to the performance they will be doing.
  • The spouse of the P visa holder and their unmarried children below 21 years of age can be granted a P-4 visa. They can accompany the main visa holder but cannot work in the country.

Qualifications For P Visa

To qualify as an athlete, the person or sports team will need to prove their sustained international recognition in the sport. That is done by showing a contract with a major American sports team, league, or an international sporting event.

For entertainers, the P-1 visa cannot be granted to individuals. It is designed for groups who have been together for at least one year. They should have been performing regularly together with at least 75% of the current group. Once the employer applies for the visa on their behalf, they will need to provide proof of their international recognition or significant awards.

In both cases, the government requires other proof and documentation that would depend on their circumstance.

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P Visa For Support Personnel

Athletes, entertainers, and other people who qualify for a P visa will need their team to perform. Highly-skilled individuals who are essential to their performance can be granted the same visa designation.

The main requirement is that they will perform support services that are not readily available in the United States. They will need to prove sufficient qualifications for the performance of the service, critical knowledge, and experience.

Contact our Boston P visa lawyer today to learn more about support personnel considerations.

Do You Need A P Visa Lawyer?

To acquire a P visa, you have to establish specific qualifications and compile the required documents. The legal team at the Nomos Law Group can help you through the entire process to make it as accurate as possible to increase your chances of success.

While we cannot guarantee approvals, we can provide you with our experience and knowledge of going through the process. If you need a consultation or have questions about P visas, you can contact us today.

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