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Nomos Law Group guides clients through the process of filing for an EB-3 employment visa application.

EB-3 Visa Lawyer in Boston

There are great opportunities in Boston and throughout the United States. But if you have been trying to live and work in the country, you have likely experienced how complex and frustrating the process can be. You need to consider several options, each with its own requirements, to figure out how you can apply for your work visa.

The worst that can happen is going through so this complex process, only to find out you did something wrong and have to go back to step one.

You have the option to get help in navigating the immigration process. At Nomos Law Group, our immigration lawyers in Boston are experienced in assessing your situation. We will take the proper steps to get you an EB-3 immigration visa.

Eligibility for EB-3 Visa

It all begins with determining your eligibility for the EB-3 visa. Consultation with our Boston immigration lawyers can help you understand if you are eligible through one of the three EB-3 visa categories.

  1. Skilled workers who are not generally available in the country with relevant education and experience.
  2. Professionals with U.S. baccalaureate or equivalent degrees performing unique work.
  3. Unskilled work performing tasks where no workforce is available in the U.S.

Eb-3 Working Visa Employer Application Process

Applying for an EB-3 working visa can take as little as one year to as long as six. Most of the initial work is done by the employer. The employer needs to get the appropriate labor certification from the U.S.

Department of Labor. By filing ETA Form 9089, the employer is stating that there is no available, qualified, or willing U.S. citizen or green card holder for the position.

The DOL will then process the application. It can approve the request, and the certification is granted, allowing the filer to move on to the next step. The application can also be denied due to several reasons. Or, the DOL can request additional evidence to complete its assessment.

Once the labor certification is granted, the employer will need to file a Form I-140 Petition with the USCIS. Supporting documents need to be attached to the application. If approved, it will go to the National Visa Center for the next steps.

Eb-3 Working Visa Foreign Worker Application Process

From the side of the employee or foreign worker, they will need to complete File Form DS-261 first. That serves as the visa application.

You will then need to complete your medical examination and vaccination. These are part of the health requirements in order to enter the United States.

Next is to compile your documents which include your passport, employment offer from the U.S. company, signed medical documents, and approved petition.
Once the documents are in order, you will need to attend your interview with the US Embassy to go through your background to determine if you can get a visa or not.

If everything is in order, you can now stay and work in the US as a green cardholder.

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Our mission is to help individuals, families and businesses with the following immigration solutions for: family migration, asylum, citizenship and naturalization, work-based green card, temporary work visas, deportation and removal advocacy, visa change, visas students and visitors, and all other issues related to immigration.

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Family Of Eb-3 Visa Holders

An EB-3 employment visa is sought after because it allows the applicant to bring their family with them. Your spouse and unmarried children below 21 years of age qualify to travel with you to the U.S.

If you are a skilled worker or professional, your spouse will qualify for the E-34 visa. The children can apply for an E-35 visa.

If your EB-3 visa was granted as an unskilled worker, your spouse would be eligible for an EW-4 visa, while the children can apply for EW-5. Spouse is eligible to apply for work authorization while the Green Card application is pending .

Value Of Eb-3 Visa Lawyer

Moving to the U.S. is a huge decision often made in consideration of opportunities and family. If you have a U.S. employer interested in bringing you in permanently, you do not want to miss the chance.

The value of an EB-3 visa lawyer is that we can guide you every step of the way during your application. The entire process can take some time and a lot of effort, but we are here to make sense of it all.

If you need a reliable Boston EB-3 visa lawyer, contact the Nomos Law Group today.

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